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Sharper than an eagles eye
  • It’s free (apart from your time)
  • We’ve been running this type of software longer than most if not all of our competitors
  • The software has issued direct online many thousands of policies in a very short period
  • A claims record you would die for!
  • 10,000’s of quotes requested regularly online
  • Immediate exposure to hundreds of working websites, many of them are top in the various search engines
  • Monthly stats showing you what areas of activity and quotes have been requested for your insurance products.
  • A standard question set for various classes that has already been approved by 7 different suppliers (so little work to do)
  • Exposure to a network of brokers using our system without having to give any silly commission rates
  • One binder to agree!
  • The software can be adapted to almost any insurance product very quickly with single or multiple quote facilities
  • And would be useful for administering schemes

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